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Doing life together!

  Sign up for a SPRING 2014 LIFE GROUP  

What is a LIFE GROUP?

At Northlake we believe ‘church’ is more than Sunday mornings. We need a place to connect on a smaller scale where we can get to know and care for each other.  LIFE GROUPS are the opportunity to grow spiritually, build relationships, share common interests and have fun.  



When do LIFE GROUPS start?  

Spring 2014 LIFE GROUPS start the week of April 28, 2014. The Spring session is a short commitment of about 8 weeks. You will want to join a LIFE GROUP.


How do I sign up for a LIFE GROUP? 

       Choose a LIFE GROUP listed below and sign up on-line or

     Pick up a registration form on the LIFE GROUP information wall in the hall at church or

Signup on the 'Connection' card in your bulletin on Sundays


Remember, you can sign up for more than one LIFE GROUP


Questions?? Contact the church office, 425-672-8044, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CLICK HERE to sign up 






 Facilitator: Cindy Swanstrom


 Location: Bothell


 Meets Monday at 1pm


A group of people enjoying each other, crafting and creating together, in a cozy comfortable atmosphere. Come learn, laugh, eat and have an all-around good time!


No childcare





 Facilitator: Joy Gross


 Location: Church


 Meets Tuesday at 7pm


 Women: Long to grow closer to God? Discover Carol’s secret as we continue ‘Unwrapping Wonder’ and getting a daily scoop of God’s Word.


 Book: Unwrapping Wonder by Carol O’Casey $15 from






 Facilitator: Rick & Donna Rickman


 Location: Church


 Meets Tuesday at 7 pm


 Jesus used stories and parables to share God’s truth and to teach in a way that people could remember and understand.  As children we all remember and can share the main points of the stories we were told.

 We will all take part in Biblical storytelling so we can share biblical truth through stories that makes sense to ourselves and others.  It is a fun, exciting and practical application of the Word of God.






 Facilitator: Vicky Holmes


 Location: Church


 Meets Tuesday at 7pm


Women: Join us as we walk together through 2 Corinthians, Acts and other portions of the Bible to seek to understand what a heart for God looks like in our flesh that feels tired, discouraged that struggles in  relationships and is overwhelmed by conflicts. We can learn to rest in the God of all comfort and strength as we grow together in God’s grace. About 15 minutes of homework a day is required.


Book: ‘Lord, Give Me a Heart for You’ by Kay Arthur from






 Facilitator: Robin Castiglione


 Location: Church


 Meets Tuesday at 7pm


Women: Respectfully Yours is a study designed for women who are interested in learning practical yet powerful ways to apply respect towards their husbands.  We all know what disrespects looks like – but do we know respect looks like? Respectfully Yours is the answer to this question and much more! Books will be available on the first night. Come join us!


Book: Respectfully Yours $10 from Robin





Facilitator: Ian Sturm

Location: Church

Meets 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th Tuesday at 7pm

There is more to Pastor Steve’s sermon. Join us as we share our thoughts and questions and dig deeper into God's Word.



Facilitator: Gina Strom

Location: Church

Meets Tuesday at 7pm

Women:Navigating the teen years is tough for both the teens and their parent(s). Every child is different. Join other moms as we can support each other in prayer, with ideas and our knowledge, books and resources. Our conversations will be confidential.



Facilitator: Ed Holmes

Location: Church

Meets Tuesday at 7pm

Men: The goal of this group is to create a safe environment of grace in which to promote personal change and healing for those stuck in a rut. We will be challenge issues like working too much, overeating, anger, anxiety, isolation, alcohol or drug abuse, a critical or judgmental spirit, legalism or spiritual stagnation. We will be seeking to understand why we do the very things we do not want to do.

Book: $21 The Genesis Process Book 1 on-line at




Facilitator: Kamber Derosier & Margie Leon-Gaitan

Location: Mill Creek

Meets Wednesday at 7pm

Adults, young adults & families: Join our team for the Northshore Relay for Life event taking place on May 31-June 1, 2014.  We will walk, fellowship and fundraise for the American Cancer Society and assist with the Survivor Luncheon during the event.  We will start each meeting with a warm-up walk (as weather permits) and topics for each meeting will vary.  More youth participation is encouraged, but we welcome any age who is interested in finding a cure for cancer.

No childcare


Facilitator: Steve Speer

Location: North Lynnwood

Meets Wednesday at 7pm

Look into the gospel of John with us and explore how Jesus’ parables and his story translate into our lives now!

No childcare


Facilitator: Willie Hill

Location: Lynnwood

Meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 6:30pm

Men: The focus of this group is for men to meet and fellowship, study God's word in whatever direction His Spirit leads and to discuss, plan and coordinate men's ministry and church wide activities. This group is intended to connect men with other men, encourage spiritual growth and provide opportunities to engage in disciple making.

No childcare



Facilitator: Vicky Holmes

Location: North Lynnwood

Meets Thursday at 9: 45 am

Women: Join us as we walk together through 2 Corinthians, Acts and other portions of the Bible to seek to understand what a heart for God looks like in our flesh that feels tired, discouraged and overwhelmed by conflicts. Learn to rest in the God of all comfort and strength as we grow together in God’s grace. About 15 minutes of homework a day is required.

Book: ‘Lord, Give Me a Heart for You’ by Kay Arthur from

No childcare


Facilitator: Mark Hurston

Location: Bothell/Mill Creek/Lynnwood

Meets every other Thursday at 7pm

Fathers & future fathers: Joshua 24:15 says 'But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you men choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the God’s of your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates or the god’s of the Amorites in whose land you are living. But, as for me and my household we will serve the Lord.

Join us over dinner at different area restaurants.

No childcare


Facilitator: Luther Sligh

Location: Church

Meets Thursday at 6pm

Men of Northlake:This group meets two (2) times a month, once on the Thursday two weeks before the outreach event to plan it, then to host that planned on the third Saturday of each month. The focus of this group is to serve the homeless men of the Everett Gospel Mission who have decided to move away from their current situation of homeless and addiction and grow in Christ through the process of serving others.

No childcare



Facilitator: Judy Knickerbocker

Location: Church

Meets Every Other Saturday from 9:30am – 2:30pm

Women & Young Adults: Women & Young Adults

Because the Lord gave us his best, we give our best to His children.

We make quilts for Safe Place, a transitional short term shelter for children removed in emergency situations such as abuse, neglect, drug raids, etc., and we also make quilts for Camp Korey, a camp for children with serious and life-altering medical conditions.  And we have fun!

If you can sew, join us. We can teach you to quilt if you don't yet know how. If you cannot sew but want to be part of our Life Group, please partner with us for supplies and prayers. We want these children to feel the Lord's love when they are wrapped up in their new quilt.

Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies are needed.

No childcare


Facilitator: Dale Menzies

Location: Starting point at Church

Meets Saturday from 8am to noon

Families, Men, Women & Youth

Are you ready for the challenge of a moderate or intense bike ride or mountain hike each Saturday morning? This is not for the faint of heart, but a 3-4 hour physical exercise challenge. Based on weather and availability, we will take on a major bike ride or hike each week, starting moderate and working our way up to more intense. We will meet at the church parking lot every Saturday morning at 8 am to begin our bike ride or carpool to our bike/hike starting point. This is a relational group designed for bringing along friends who need Jesus in their life too.

For more information go to:

No childcare



Facilitator: Sandy Sturm

Location: Church

Meet Sunday at 1:00pm

Young Women: We are going deeper into the basics of Christianity: justification, sanctification and identification in and through Christ.

Notes are provided.

No childcare




























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